2016 is over

A look back at a great year

2016 is officially over and while most of the internet begs to differ, it was a great year.

Here’s a look at some of the incredible things that we as a family did this year…

We broke our billion-dollar mark!

At $1.25B in revenue, we have grown by 32% compared to last year’s results which puts our

3-year growth at 168%!!!

We were approved by Fannie Mae!

After countless man hours were put in, we finally obtained our approval from Fannie Mae opening the doorway to a brand new demographic!

We moved!!!

People matter and what better way to embody those words than to provide our people with one of the best, and most state-of-the-art offices in Las Vegas? Whether employees want to sit or stand at their desk, whether they want a massage or a cup of coffee with a 360 degree view of the Las Vegas strip they can! Thank you to all of the Alterra Family who worked so hard to get us into our new home.

We entered three new states!!!

And grew our family tremendously there! Special thanks to Paul Hartmann, Jeremy Stump, Gabriel Diaz, & Shaun Guerrero!

We stayed true to Alterra’s Mission.

81% of our business was to a minority borrower

  • 68% Hispanic
  • 10% African American
  • 3% Other

63% of all loans funded in 2016 were to a Firs-Time Homebuyer

  • 32.5% to female borrowers
  • 34% to a millennial homebuyer

Executive Family Additions

Alex Urmersbach, Chief Financial Officer

Alex joined our team in October and has already done a fantastic job of limiting our spending to help us grow and develop the financial discipline to succeed and sustain!

John Robbins, Co-Chairman

John Robbins has joined our team as an investing partner and we could not be more excited to show him and the rest of our team how well we can do.

What’s next?

Our goals for 2017

Our Goals for 2017

  • At least $1.8 Billion in revenue, whish translates to a 40% growth
  • Maintain a great and measured quality operation that puts service and quality first
  • Grow in current and target-rich markets
  • Be responsibly profitable and fuel our mission
  • Help our Loan Officers grow through training, prospecting planning, and presenting value
  • Ensure long-term sustainability of our mission with best in class compliance
  • Get our Ginnie Mae Approval

Nothing makes me feel more proud of the Alterra Family than our ability to stay true to our mission and purpose.  You must know there is NO ONE out there doing this and/or a better specialist than us at this.  I know it’s not easy but, this is what we do best.  This is our niche, our specialty, the thing that makes us truly different and special from others.  Most notably, this creates the opportunity for growth with a real purpose.

– Jason Madiedo

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