(No, not Michael Jordan)

Alterra Home Loans has been voted the 23rd best lender in the nation to work for!

The Mortgage Executive Magazine has featured some of the nation’s most influential leaders like Former President George W. Bush, Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran and much more! Based on the number of votes and the running average rating, The Mortgage Executive listed Alterra Home Loans as the 23rd best lender in the nation to work for.

The Mortgage Executive Magazine is famous for its Mastermind Summit.

Dawning keynote speakers such as Dwayne Johnson, Tony Robbins, and President George W. Bush, the 2017 Mastermind Summit will be hosting Magic Johnson as a special guest.

People Matter.

That is why Alterra is always thinking of ways to appreciate our people. Let us know how to make Alterra the #1 lender in the nation to work for below!

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