32 Students

The first on boarding training is complete!

32 Students on our Maiden Voyage!

Last week we had the amazing opportunity to begin our on boarding training initiative with the first 32 students. Traveling from all over the country to our corporate office in Las Vegas, our team was trained to proficiency in everything from the loan process, to our LOS LendingQB. Our goal is to train every existing and new employee to ensure that we provide our sales team and our sales support team with the tools to ensure their success.

I was very surprised that the CEO of the company, Jason Madiedo, kicked off the entire week of training. It’s always a fantastic display of culture when the organization’s leader is actively involved in the first impression that new employees get when they walk through the door. Glad to be aboard!

– Ali Saam
Loan Officer
Woodland Hills, CA

I have been in this industry for over 30 years, and I have received more in value and in market insight in the past three days from any company that I have worked for over the course of my career in the mortgage industry. You can tell that Alterra cares about its people and I am more than happy to be a part of esto familia!

– Roberto Leon
Loan Officer
Las Vegas, NV

The attention to detail that was given was beyond any training I’ve ever been to, people definitely matter. That just speaks to what an amazing culture Alterra has created and it’s refreshing to finally be a part of a family.

– Cristina McDonald
Branch Manager
Woodland Hills, CA

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