Ali Alemi

The newest member of the President’s Circle

Ali recently shut out this contest with a final of 25 units AND $5,900,279.00 closed production making him the next LO to join the champions of the President’s Circle in Mazatlan!

Go get em’ Ali!


Units Closed since June 1st


Volume closed Since June 1st

Congratulate Ali on his hard work!

6 + 1 = ?

The Race is Over!

The 3-month contest beginning June 1st is now over! However, you can still qualify for the 2016 President’s Circle by meeting the following requirements:

Individual Qualifications: Either $18 million in closed production OR 80 Units of closed production

Branch Qualifications (Branch Manager Qualifications): Either $48 Million of closed production or 240 Units of closed production.

Good luck and we hope to see you in next year’s President’s Circle.