Changing with the times

Our Human Resources Team is at it again!

With new leadership comes new strides! Alterra is proud to announce that the employee handbook has been officially updated and can be found via ADP. Click the ADP logo and follow the instructions below to take a look at what’s new! (Optimized for Google Chrome – download here)

Step 1: Sign into ADP

Step 2: Click on the Message center icon

The message center icon is the envelope icon in the upper right hand corner menu.

Step 3: Click View All Messages

After you click the message center icon, there will be a pop up. “View all messages” is at the bottom of the pop up

Step 4: Click the ellipses at the right hand of the message from Violeta Marquez

After you click ellipses, click “review”.

Step 5: Click the link to view the Employee Handbook

From here, just click the link to view the file!

Step 6: Acknowledge the policy

Once you’ve read the document, click the box labeled, “I certify that I have read the policy above.”