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Are you ready for WINter?

 This is an invitation and is NOT mandatory.

Yes!!! My favorite time in this business is upon us…..WINter.

There is a considerable body of research documenting the startling conclusion that during “down times” is by far the best time to capture market share. Don’t believe me? Take it from the chief executive of Procter & Gamble, who was quoted in the Wall Street Journal a few years ago as saying,

“We have a philosophy and a strategy. When times are tough, you build share.”

We know that typically, the winter months are the slowest and it is for that reason that I say “Let’s prepare ourselves to WIN in the WINter!”  I view this time as a great opportunity for us to gain great market share by working harder, making more phone calls, setting more appointments and just focusing on ensuring that our WINter is stronger than ever.  Call on new strategic partners, go deeper with current ones, and find any reason to get out there and meet with them.  sales forum meetings with the sole focus of helping you improve your game starting in October and going thru January.  These meetings will be collaborative with a sole focus of helping make you better.  I only want individuals that are truly excited, focused, and highly motivated to take your business to new levels as these meetings aren’t mandatory.

I would like to challenge us to start today and push through January an effort to push harder for the purpose of increasing our market share.

Training resources

To help you get started, here are some training resources I have put together to help get you back on track and focused.

  1. Download and listen to this audio training:
  2. Download and read this article:
  3. Watch short video on 6 MMA’s:
  4. Download 6 MMA Graphic:

Did you know…

  • A Cahners Advertising Research report found companies that increased their media advertising during the recession of the 1980s gained an average of 1.5 points of market share.
  • Harvard Business Review reported, “The company courageous enough to stay in the fight when everyone else is playing safe can bring about a dramatic change in market position.”
  • In a study of the 1990-92 recession, Management Review polled American Management Association member firms and concluded, “Firms that increased their budgets (during down times) and took on new people were twice as likely to pick up market share.”
  • In researching this column, I came across an interesting case study from Mercedes-Benz in Taiwan. The recession hit the Taiwanese luxury car segment hard, with sales dropping 30 percent from 2007 to 2008. Some luxury car manufacturers responded with aggressive price promotions, creating market confusion.Instead of joining the price war, Mercedes-Benz decided to hold its brand value with a surge of television ads that contained a creative strategy emphasizing the emotional connection with a luxury brand. The results were astounding. During the campaign, calls to the Mercedes sales hotline were up sevenfold and website visits tripled.The Taiwanese luxury car segment declined by 28 percent, but Mercedes increased its market share from 26 percent to 28 percent without cutting prices. In fact, Mercedes had the highest selling price among its luxury car competitors. The marketing director was reported as saying, “The campaign cleverly removed us from a blood competition, allowing us to stand out and win both in terms of business and branding. Moreover, it proved again that branding is a crucial and worthy investment, especially in a recession.”



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