People Matter

Alterra Home Loans has the opportunity to change lives and legacies for the borrowers that chose to do business with us on a daily basis. On certain occasions, we serve our borrower so well that they give us their feedback in regards to closing their loan as well as the personal impact that such a transaction has on our borrowers.

This borrower comes to us from our Roswell, Georgia branch. Take a look at what Vincent had to say about our customer service in Georgia.

I just want to say thank you for making our dreams come true by getting us in this house before Christmas. That was amazing team work and I am settled and grateful to be in this home. I will refer any body that mentions a need for a mortgage company to you. I am still overwhelmed on how fast I was able to move in.

Thank you so much, great job, and continue your success.

– Vincent Hale

These types of transactions are what set us apart. No matter what it took, the Hale family closed on time and before the holiday season. Just another example of how we at Alterra are not like the others.

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