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Alterra Home Loans opened its doors in 2007

During one of the worst recessions in U.S. History, Jason Madiedo and Felix DeHerrera made the bold decision to open a mortgage lending institution with a focus on closing the minority homeownership gap. Currently, real estate accounts for 64% of household wealth in Non-Minority homes with that number being as low as 58% for minorities. With this mission in mind, Jason, Felix, and the rest of the Alterra Team began building what would come to be one of the largest minority-owned businesses in America.

Entrepreneur? Not a Problem.

Alterra Home Loans provides our loan officers with the sales tools and training necessary to consistently replicate top production. In other words, we want to help you build your business. Don’t believe us? No problem, we have evidence! Check out some of our loan officers’ testimonials.

Jason Covita & Eric Becerra

I don’t have a testimonial but Alterra is good

Jason Covita & Eric BecerraDivision Managers

Accountability leads to good habits

We firmly believe that the success of our loan officers is dependent on their ability to not only keep track of their production but, to also engage in the sales activities associated with increasing production. We provide a variety of tools that help our loan officers track, predict and more importantly increase production. see some of the tools and training that we have available below!