Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care

In a rush and not sure which one to go to? We have the answers.

Life Happens.

And when life happens, you can’t afford to lose any time deciding where to go – is this an urgent care issue or an ER issue? While most of was would take zero chances when children are involved and head straight to the ER.

The reason we do this is because we know that the ER is going to provide the solution to what we are handling.

But too often, most of your time and a lot of your money could be saved by taking a couple of steps before loading up the car and heading to the hospital. Our Health Insurance provider, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, has put together some quick tips on what to do when you need care now!

Call your primary care doctor

They are the doctor that you see for most care. He or She will tell you whether to make an appointment with the doctor or go to the ER. They might even be able to give you advice over the phone or see you if it’s late in the day or a weekend. If you can’t see your doctor or if their office is closed, try one of the options below.

Choose an option that could save time & money

Retail health clinic: This is a clinic staffed by health care experts who give basic health care services to “walk-in” patients. Most often found in pharmacies or retail stores.

Walk-in doctor’s office: A doctor’s office that doesn’t require you to be an existing patient or have an appointment. Can handle routine care and common family illness.

Urgent care center: Doctor’s who treat conditions that should be looked at right away but aren’t as sever was emergencies. Can often do X-rays, lab tests and stitches.

Call before you go


  • What are your hours?
  • Tell them what has happened then ask, do you have the services that I need?
  • What age range do you treat?
  • Are you a provider that is part of my health plan network?

ER Visit

$100 - $250

Urgent Care


Contact Human Resources to learn more!

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