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I nominated Alex because he is the embodiment of Own It. He has stepped up in his role as Branch Manager and driven production by getting in the game and talking to people, joining all the right networking groups and setting the example for his branch.

– Rene Rodriguez

Alex Zepeda

Co-Branch Manager


In the 20 years of my management career, I have managed in the public sector as City Manager and in the private sector as a Retail Manager, but I never realized the complexity of managing within the mortgage industry. I am currently the Co-Branch/Business Development Manager of Alterra’s Del Rio branch with my beautiful wife Carina Camposano-Zepeda, who has been in lending for over 8 years. I have realized that the mortgage industry has many moving parts in order to help make a home buyers dream come true.

I have a newfound respect for the mortgage lending industry!

I never understood why, as much as we pushed, we were having a hard time growing our business. The reality was that we weren’t getting out of our comfort zone! All the basics that I had learned and taught my staff in the past became difficult to remember. I was worried about that ONE loan that would not pass AUS, I was worried about that ONE borrower that wouldn’t call back or wouldn’t bring their documents in on time…and there I waited.

My wife Carina would tell me to leave them alone and go find another realtor or borrower, but my stubbornness kept me anchored to that ONE! Instead I would call Genaro Rodriguez for guidance just to hear the same words that wife had just suggested.

So, what did we change?

We have streamlined all of our responsibilities, we have created weekly calls with our staff and LO’s, we are visiting every open house we can, we call realtors on a daily basis, we train staff, we train ourselves, we have joined the local board of realtors, we have joined NAHREP, we are using white boards to introduce account.

The two most important things we have done to achieve an increase in production as well as a different attitude in general,

is that we have moved out of our comfort zone and have decided to remove the word fear from our minds. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome here recently was to go visit a new real estate office 3 hours away to gain a potential office of 85 realtors. We are currently establishing a partnership with two of those realtors and are looking forward to helping the other 83. We have also secured an appointment with a top producing luxury KW Realtor in San Antonio, TX with whom we intend to fully service as their preferred lender.

It is amazing how we are capable of allowing our mind to limit our success, not taking a small calculated risk on an unknown at a minimal cost could be the difference between failure and success. That next appointment could be the golden ticket we are looking for! It’s a numbers game in sales where the more people we talk to the more good employees we will find, the more business partners we will create and ultimately the more home buyers we will find to help them make the dream of homeownership a reality!

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