maximillian-v-perez I am nominating Julia because she is the hardest working person I have ever met. Since she has joined our team, her drive and work ethic has inspired me to do better. She works so hard, holding a baby in one arm, and phone in the other. We can all take a page out of her book. I look up to her, and am lucky to be part of her team.

-Maximillian V. Perez
Loan Officer
Addison, IL

Julia Chiquito

Loan Officer – Addison, IL

julia_chiquitoMy name is Julia Chiquito, and this is my story…

I am from Chicago, Illinois and have been in the mortgage industry for fourteen years. I joined Alterra about a year ago now, after being interviewed for a loan processing position in 2002. After being interviewed, I was told that I was better fit for the position of Loan Officer. The next day, I received a call from a lending manager who offered me the position as a Loan Officer and I took it on the spot!

My family drives me to be the best version of myself that I can be. My three children and their future are the most important thing to me and I will always provide for them by putting in the hours necessary to ensure success. The most important thing to me in business is my reputation. Having a good reputation helps build trust with clients and client referral sources. Your reputation speaks for itself and having a good reputation allows me to grow my business and show clients that I am a person with high integrity who will look out for their best interests.

In 2017, I plan to grow my production by 50%. I will build a strong team of industry professionals who have the same drive to maintain the amazing reputation that the team and I have built for the Addison Branch.

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