Date, Time & Place

Lock your clients Down!

Setting appointments is essential to keeping a consistent pipeline. Explore some of the resources below regarding setting appointments.



It is crucial that you approach any cold calls with the intention of finding something that you like about the person you are calling. Don’t be superficial and act as though you like or know about something that you don’t. When speaking with someone on a cold call, use the “Double-Click” approach described below. When approaching a sales opportunity, be sure to approach the client with an assumptive attitude. Your attitude should be as though the client has already purchased and now it is only a matter of which product to choose.

  • Root: The reason why you are calling. It is important that you have a root as to avoid the person on the other end of the phone to fabricate one for you.
  • Double-Clicking: expanding conversation by highlighting, affirming and reinforcing something that the other person has said. For example,

 “I like having the freedom to build my team and my business”

Absolutely, I can imagine how having autonomy over who is on your team helps you in controlling your sales process. What about team building do you like?

The idea is to expand on a specific topic that the person you are calling has said.

The realtor script is for setting appointments with realtors who you would like to refer you business. Practice makes perfect and the more familiar with this script you are, the higher your conversion ratio for appointments will become.

The Buyer script is for potential clients that have expressed interest in purchasing a home.

The Center of Influence Script is for extracting any potential referrals from existing and past clients as well as friends and family.