The Gift of The Gab is a Myth

Why don’t most people like making sales calls?

We may all have our own personal reasons, however, at the center of any resistance to making calls is Fear. The fear of one thing in particular: Our need for The Person on the Other End to Like Us. This is where most people stumble in sales; so naturally, we dedicated a page to helping you with that stressful sales call.

The Power Hour

The Heart and Soul of Prospecting

Cold calling is at the foundation of prospecting.

If you aren’t making daily sales calls, you are making it harder for yourself to meet your financial and professional goals. The Power Hour is one hour out of your day dedicated to nothing but making as many cold calls as possible. The problem is not product or market, it is obscurity; People buy from people and brands that they know, therefore, if they don’t know you they won’t buy from you! Download the sheet below and fill out the individuals who will be Power Houring in your branch. Once completed, click the button below to email it to the correct people and get started on our web-based data recording system.

What is it that sets top producers apart from their peers? They ask the right questions. Check out this presentation on how to sell yourself to your potential clients in 30 seconds. Use the document below to help draft out your commercial!

Commercial Draft Template

Acquiring numbers to call may seem difficult, but once you really begin to identify your network that daunting task becomes much easier. Uncover how big your network is with the memory jogger and start reaching out to the people who will answer the phone to a warm call and not a cold one.

Once you’ve identified your network, record it on the Million Dollar List. Capture your database and begin successfully marketing to them by centralizing them and streamlining upload processes with our CRM.

Now that you’ve identified your network, you’re ready to start marketing to them. Check out the 7 steps to basic database marketing to see how to get started tapping into your network! Please find the resources from this presentation below

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