Go Paperless!

Make the Switch with our help!

Are you tired of receiving a paper copy of your check each pay day?

Are you technologically savvy enough to go paperless?

Of Course you are!

Human Resources is here to assist you in any way they can to ensure a speedy switch. You won’t have to worry again about disposing of your check properly which, for too many of us, means throwing the check away in an unsecure trash bin.

Lucky For You,

Now you can help save the environment and protect your personal privacy by receiving your pay stubs via email from ADP. To do this just follow these three simple rules.

1.  Log into your ADP Account https://workforcenow.adp.com/public/index.htm

2.  Go to Myself> Pay> Pay Statements, and click on “Go Paperless”

3.  Follow the Prompts to go Paperless!

Reach out to HR for help!

2 + 2 = ?