The BEAT is a dynamic digital webpage where all of the latest in Alterra News is posted in an effort to educate the Alterra Family on what is happening in the corporate office and across the nation. The BEAT connects you to every branch, every location all in the click of a mouse. Everything from major news, to employee spotlights and training registration, The BEAT exists to provide you with an insider’s look into the well oiled machine that is Alterra.

The Beat Crew

Marketing and Communications

Andrew Turcaz

Andrew Turcaz

The Phenom

Andrew is the gatekeeper for The BEAT. As the Culture Ambassador, it is his responsibility to keep you in the loop as to what’s going on here at Alterra! Through his collaboration with the Marketing and Communications team, The BEAT was born and now all the latest Alterra news is only a click away for you!

Susan Ramirez

Susan Ramirez

Suzie Q

Susie Q is our craftastic magician and Graphic Designer. Teaming up with Meghan and Susan, they design everything that comes out of our marketing department! Susie is one of the great minds behind our innovative and modern designs as well as many of our physical marketing such as signage, posters and much more!

Meghan Crookes

Meghan Crookes

Girl on Fire

Meghan is truly the Girl on Fire. As the Creative Director, Meghan manages all the design that comes out of the marketing department making her a modern-day digital DaVinci! She along with Susie Q and Susan Hines are the reason that our marketing department exists!

Blake Conover

Blake is our Graphic Design & Marketing Production Manager. Meaning that she basically oversees most of the production materials that our amazing marketing department releases.

The Office

We recently moved the team to Tivoli Village. Take a look!

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